During this difficult period, the concep team would like to show their support by sharing with you practical tips they learnt from their own experiences trying to manage an healthy work life balance while working remotely.

Written by Max Edwards
Marketing Manager, Concep

Five tips for working from home effectively

With businesses facing challenging times due to the impact of COVID-19, marketers will need to adapt their strategy, approach and way of thinking to achieve objectives and maintain the status quo. We are here every step of the way to help you smoothly transition into the new world of remote working in a crisis.

As businesses globally prepare themselves for another week of working from home in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Concep have created five tips to help you adapt to the new world of remote working.

1. Create a dedicated work area

It’s important firstly to establish boundaries between your work life and your home life, assign an area in your home specially for working. This could be anywhere in the house that you feel comfortable in working every day. If possible, make sure your new workspace is in a quiet area away from distractions.

2. Set yourself a daily schedule – and stick to it!

It can be a challenge working from home without your manager sitting next to you, setting out workflow for the day/week. Start your day by aligning your priorities and setting out tasks for the day ahead, this will help you stay focused and keep on track in your role and adhere to your responsibilities.

3. Stay in contact with your colleagues

Working from home can be a very lonely task, feeling isolated from the outside world. Offer ways to socialise with your fellow employees, this can be through digital distribution channels or video calling. It’s key to keep everyone connected and included during this difficult time to keep moral high within the remote workplace.

4. Take breaks

It’s important that you take time away from your screen throughout the day, we all need to recharge. Taking breaks in your work schedule will help regain focus and increase energy levels resulting in increased productivity in your work. Exercise and stretch frequently. Being hunched over your screen for 8+ hours isn’t good for you physically or mentally, go for a walk and get some fresh air (if permitted). This will keep you rejuvenated and motivated throughout the day.

5. Avoid digital distractions

You may want to continue to binge watch your favourite Netflix series (Joe Exotic, The Tiger King) but this kills productivity and should be avoided during your working hours. Set your workplace away from the TV or other digital distractions so you can focus on your work and stick to your daily schedule.